Well it's been almost a year in the new place.
Still love it just as much as before. Had a nice winter with the pellet stove going
God is still blessing us beyond our expectations.
Finally got around to snapping some photos of the insides.

Well it's still slapped together, but I sorta like it. I did reduce the
file size of the large pics. I also added some photos of the move. I forgot the
camera so I only have shots of unloading. It's Ok though I think photos of
leaves piled half way up the body would have made too many of the 2GCOG
guys cry ;-) It was only covered with a blue tarp for the winter. I just
Finished the makeshift car port a bit ago. You can see part of it in one pic.
I'm hoping to get some work done on it this summer.

UPDATE: After a get together of some club members and a trip to the GM Natinals at Carlise PA
I've been motivated to get to work on the car some. I finished the carport, took the rear axle out
And started wire brushing things. I added more pics.

I finally scanned a few photos of the family and such. The pics of the kids are the first
day of school in the new house. The others are some of the family reunion shots.

TTFN - Lammy, Tina, Kriz, Kim, Sam.



Updated: June 20, 2002 11:17:02 pm